Selling remote, too much tinkering for me

Selling my Remote 2. Only unboxed today and figuring out how to get devices/activities setup is too much work for me. Selling it for what I paid for it. Located in Chicago, IL USA.

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I’m UK based but from Chicago. I think I can make this work logistically unless I can find one locally.

If you can figure out a way for me to ship it that doesn’t involve all the extra things when shipping to another country. Please let me know.

I’d just have it shipped locally and either get a friend to ship it or grab it next time I’m in town.

What’s the actual asking price?

Sent you a PM but I’m selling it for what I paid for it, $493.

I live in LA. I might be interested but can you tell me a bit more about what is is doing/not doing right now and what kind of problems you’ve had?

Sorry, it’s been sold.