Selling my Remote 2 with Dock, located in Germany

I sell my remote 2 including dock. It´s located in Germany
So shipping in the EU is not a problem.
Price is 400 Euros

Take it your planning on buying the new remote 3? Remote 3 is cheaper than 400 euros and new.

I will not go further with that kind of remote it´s in an earlier development stage, great for advanced technical people but not yet for Endusers.

Regarding your point. Remote 3 is not available.
Consider how long it took until the remote 2 was shipped after the kickstarter campaign.
And the new campaign has even not started.
So yes if you you can wait go for remote 3 if you need or want it today you can get a remote 2 at least from me. And availability is strong tag for prices


Thats a very valid point.

The new remote has dropped the beautiful screen also.

Remote 2 is sold


if anybody else wants a remote 2, Im planning to sell mine too !
Also located in Germany, same pricepoint.


I’m interested. How I DM you? (I just registered, maybe I’m not allowed yet?)

Hi Pablo,
I have sent you a massage, so you can answer it.


I also planning to sell my remote 2. I’ve used it only a few times. I’m also in Germany.

Still available !

I’m offering 300 € for a Remote Two, including shipping to Spain.

Interested sellers, please contact me directly.

Selling my remote two, actually never really used it, still with my harmony. Living in Switzerland, 380.- eur

Might be interested. Follow up on X with same username.

also selling a new unused remote 2 with dock for 350,- as I don’t have time to program it right now. Location Austria Shipping Europe… if you are interested just contact me

I have one too. Selling in Switzerland for 350.-. Remote is two months old and comes in original packing. Was only used for testing purposes. Please PN

Hi, I dont use X, but u can find me on telegram: @tomzh1

Im interested. Are the remote 2 is still available ?

Hi Maximilian,
mine is still available. With Harmony Blaster, two R2 IR extenders and the Dock is modified, so the IR power is enough to control your devices !


Yes. Is still available. I wrot you a PN