Samsung smart remote support

Excited to see this project up and running. Hope this will be the end of a journey that started with Harmony and continued with Neeo. I’ve followed this and its preseason for a while and it seems solid.

I had a question though.

I’m using a Samsung smart remote to control my Samsung Smart TV. Will this be supported? I’m not sure whether this remote uses IR, is suspect not.

At the off chance that we have a Buchardt owner with a Platin Hub for the A series speakers, do you have any thoughts on whether the Buchardt remote would also be supported?

Hoping to see real user feedback soon. Best of luck.

It is supported al least by hubs which have IR support, and supports even learning IR commands

I too have a Samsung smart TV that i would like to control from my new remote. I believe the smart remote uses Bluetooth to communicate with the tv, but there are also the option of network control. I’m hoping we will be able to control both TV’s , receivers, etc. over the wifi/lan instead of using the much inferior ir control.