Roon integration not working?

Anybody got the Roon integration to work properly? I can’t get it to keep working. I saw on github someone else with the same problem.

Hoping someone here got a solution. Roon integration was one of the key elements for me to buy the remote 2…

From github:

I’ve set up a Roon integration on my remote 2. Immediately after setting up the integration the control from the remote works well. I’m able to play, pause, skip, change volume etc. and the artwork shows.

At some point after that the connection breaks. When I try and perform any action against the integration on the remote I get the error message bar with “uc_roon_driver session not available”.

I’ve rebooted the remote and it continues to be broken

If I remove and re-add the integration it seems to work.

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I have the same problem. The Roon integration works after installation, but as soon as I switch off my streaming client, it won’t work anymore, when I try to use it the next time.
Only after re-installtion of the integration, it works for one listening session.

Since there are so many flaws in the current firmware, I decided to wait a few weeks until I try to set it up again. In it’s current state, the remote is unusable for me.


Same here, it connects initially but then repeats this error -
“Driver not connected. Failed to connect to host: Connection refused (os error 111)”

One more here. First integration I tried.

  • Works when integration added
  • Stops working within minutes, seems that some button-presses accelerates breaking
  • Reboot of remote does not help

Maybe integration needs to mature a bit :slight_smile:

I hope this is resolved in the next update

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I uploaded logs over on Github and the team seemed to recognize the problem so I would be confident this will be fixed soon.

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Appreciate this :+1:t2:

From the Github group:-

“Status: fix is released in the BETA group and available later this week if we don’t find any showstopper.”

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Will this arrive in the form of an official fix?

I would assume so, but I dont work for the company

Looking forward to the fix!

Any update here? My Roon integration is constantly reconnecting.

Works great with 1.4.8, I removed old integrations, restarted remote and added it again. Also removed the Unfolded-extension from Roon before adding.

Been working solid since yesterday and 1.4.8 update.

strange - for me it is unfortunately not working :frowning:

I am on 1.4.8 (Roon integration 0.2.3 - is this the most recent one?), removed the old integration, deactivated extension in Roon, rebooted Remote Two and started all over.


  1. on top of the living room screen, 2 animated circles indicate connection issues, clicking on them informs about Roon reconnecting constantly
  2. starting the Roon integration from the screen opens the integration but I’m unable to execute any controls, red flag is shown on top of the screen: “uc_roon_driver session not available”

Remote is running on stable wifi, Roon server is on same network connected via lan.

Does anybody have any idea how to go on from here?

1.4.8 and 0.2.3 are the same versions I have working. I’d suggest creating a issue in Issues · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker (

Nice to see another firmware update with Roon fixes in.