Roon Integration Attempt Stopped by Error

This error kept popping up defeating the integration attempt. “Driver not connected. Failed to connect to host: Connection refused (os error 111)”

Don’t know what’s happening. And not surprisingly, there’s not much documentation to help troubleshoot this issue.

Are you running the latest software for the remote? This was a common error until the update last weekend.

v1.4.8 BTW just tried Roon again. Same error. Thanks for your interest, @Hydrology

I restarted the Roon Server (v2 B 1354), and the integration then proceeded to completion, although the instructions to enable the extension were moot (no such button).

What’s exposed are my eight endpoints; okay. But how to edit the user interface? Roon needs a Remote, which for me is either a MacBook or an iPhone depending on where I am. My harmony remote, for the Roon case, is only used to select Roon and then handle volume.

So, can someone take a picture of their Roon setup? Many thanks.