Roku device discovery

Has anyone had success integrating with Roku devices? When going through the integration setup, no entities seem to be discovered and the entity list remains empty no matter how many times I delete and reinstall the integration. There is also no option to manually add any Roku devices. Interestingly, when doing a packet capture, I also don’t see any MDNS or SSDP discovery traffic while going through the setup steps. The code for this integration doesn’t appear to be public so I can’t be sure what to even look for.

I am not the guy to help troubleshoot. All I can do is confirm that my experience matches yours. It says its finished integrating successfully, but there is nothing to work with. See below:

The process asks the user to provide “entities” but I am offered no choices. So, other than feeling your pain and confirming your experience, I can’t offer much. :slight_smile:

I have been able to connect to my Roku Ultra. It just seemed to work…

And I was able to create an activity

SOLVED: After updating to 1.4.8 this morning, Roku Ultras are able to be detected by the integration.

my Remote 2 also can`t find my “fake” Roku (a IOBroker instance which is working with my Harmony) . Even with 1.4.8