Restore of existing backup with integrations on a second R2

Unfortunately, I have broken the display on my Remote 2 and would therefore like to restore my backup, which I have currently created, onto my second R2. If I now load this backup into my second R2 (which I will reset to factory settings beforehand), what will happen to the integrations (Home Assistant, Apple TV, SONOS) set up and contained in the backup? Will they automatically be activated in the new R2 after the restore, or do they need to be set up again? What is the smartest way to restore integrations on a new R2 from a backup?

Thank you in advance for your information on this. :slight_smile:

Everything which must be paired must be paired again. I did not find other problems but to be honest this is no real problem. I already did it a couple of times. I never used factory settings before as you have to do unneccessary things then.


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Hello @HarmonyFan, thanks a lot for your fast response and the info. :pray:

So, looks like it is an easy process and that I just will use a restore on the new remote and not a complete factory reset.

That is not true : the paired keys are included in the backups and they should be imported on the restore.
The thing that can happen : the paired key as an identifier based on the remote mac address. So if you re-pair the old remote with the same device, it will disable the old key (store on your new device). This does not apply to appletv integrations

Hello @albator, so I will just try to make a restore and will see what happens. Maybe that’s so easy. :wink:

Will have time for that at next weekend.

For AndroidTV it is true as I already did it so I know. I think BlueTooth might be similar.