Response from Support

Has anyone received a response from support as of late? I sent in a request over a week ago and still have not heard back. Understand that there is a delay in response, but it’s been more than 7 business days.

Any response from UC on any platform has been very sporadic. The issues/bug reports on Gitbub are mostly unanswered and they don’t seem to be ignoring Discord these days.

I could well be wrong on this, but it looks like UC is relying on its burgeoning base of informed and energetic users to provide most of the support. For a young rapidly growing company, this approach is a financial and personnel necessity. To me, it looks a lot like the Roon growth pattern.

UC might consider setting up a Support category in this space monitored by a few UC crew. They should also consider consolidating all their web presences into one (maybe two) sites.

Watch this space. Now having solved UC’s support issues, I’ll be tackling the Middle East peace issues next week. :wink:

Damn, the Middle East is screwed.

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I don’t have an issue with that generally, but serious bugs (such as the continually broken AppleTV integration) cannot be addressed by a user base. That requires UC and they have dropped completely off the radar. That’s not OK.

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Let’s all remember what R2 is. It’s a Kickstarter-project by only a few people and to my understanding only 1-2 dev’s. There is no a big corporate with customer support department behind this. We all knew this from get-go and we all should understand that responses both to support-requests and bugs etc might take a while.


That’s really not the issue. The issue is that they aren’t even acknowledging serious bugs or prioritizing them over roadmap features etc. They need to get what is currently versioned working properly and they need to communicate to the community some acknowledgement of the bugs.

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As far as I can see, more bugs have been fixed than new features introduced so far. Some of the feature have also solved problems users had. If bugs can’t be reproduced by the team it takes more time to fix them. If no one from the team responds, this does not necessarily mean that no one is working on a solution. Especially on GitHub there was feedback on many bugs after some time, even if the problems could not be reproduced.

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