Reset Confirm Dialog Needed

It is the most frustrating thing to spend an hour on setting up an activity and not being able to advance pages without a perilously close to hitting the RESET button. Frustrating.

I found a work around making a different page for the first page in the page list then move it back later. Should be doable on the image of the remote with the page dots. Even with the workaround a dialog should be added for the reset button.

Apologize if this is already on the road map.

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There is a similar feature request were this could be included: [feature request] Undo/Redo and deletion confirmation prompts · Issue #244 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

Ok, I went through and created a GitHub account so I can track feature requests, which prompts the question of if there is a subforum for feature requests.

Is it bugs in GitHub vs Feature requests? (I haven’t coded in decades). I think the issues are pervasive in the general forum w/o formal feature requests.

Forum, Discord Chat, GitHub…. I would be happy if there was “A” place to post this stuff. Don’t care, if it gets addressed.

Thank goodness you did put it in GitHub. I think this is onerous enough to qualify as a bug vs a feature.

Is there a preferred place where devs prefer feature requests??


Marton and especially Markus from the team are mostly active on GitHub. They’re using issues for bugs and also feature requests (created by them or a user). I think a few moths ago they once transferred a request from the community to GitHub but this has not happened since.