Remote is about to ship!

I just received my backer kit notification to say my order is about to ship!

Im far more excited than I should be for a remote haha!

Probably got the same email. My backer number was in the low 200’s

Im backer 37 :crossed_fingers:

Haven’t had mine yet. I’m backer #2 on kickstarter.
Guess geography might be relevant. I’m in Uk.

UK here also :+1:t2:

I’m worried now, hope they’re not going from backerkit numbers !

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I’m in UK and in the 200s also and nothing for me yet… come on :pray:t3::pray:t3: please

It has been confirmed.

They are shipping now from the lowest backer number up. As your number 2 your going to be getting tracking very soon (I’m jealous). But sure to let us know how it goes :smiley:

So what email did you get. I don’t seem to have had it ?

Its on the lastest kickstarter update. I would post it here but that isnt allowed as updates are private.

Oh ok, you’d confused me as you said…

“I just received my backer kit notification to say my order is about to ship!”

I assume you meant…

“I just received a kickstarter update that they are starting to ship to backers”

I thought you had received an individual notifcation of despatch.

Thanks for clarifying.

To be clear I had received a notification from backer kit at the time of posting. It said shipping would start soon.

My latest update is that the kickstarter update is saying shipping is starting now.

Can’t wait - mine is close and scheduled for delivery tomorrow (US)!

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What’s your Kickstarter backer #.

You may be the first US based person to receive their remote. Trying to gauge how far I might be behind you.

I’m backer #9. Sadly, UPS screwed up the delivery on Friday so I have to wait for Monday for redelivery. At least I have more time to scrape the configuration from my Harmony Elite in preparation.

Noway what a bummer. When it arrives please share your experience and post some pictures.

They are shipping really slow. Highest backer number who has confirmed that their remote has shipped is 21.

Shipments are rising, someone from Canada just reported in with a shipping notice for backer #108. - 8/27

Backer #37 and just got my UPS tracking number. Its on its way :+1:t2:

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Backer #76. I’ve just received the shipping notification :slight_smile:

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I am backer #9 and have my remote in-hand (pun intended). Has anyone else before or after me received their’s?