Remote for sale! I’m done

Does anyone want to buy one, brand new, boxed, took it out to look at it, had a play, way to many basic problems even setting it up. Ridiculous given the price. I’ll stick with my Harmony kit until they get rid. I’m based in UK but happy to ship anywhere at cost.



It’s literally had about 20 mins of use, not for me. Where are you based?

US. California.

I’m just looking to get most of my money back. Shipping would be about $30

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I am happy to pay the cost plus shipping. I am in the US.


Have you sold this yet? I am in UK, so easier to post or even collect


Hello, I am interested in this. Have you sold it?

No I still have it


Am ready to buy if you can get in touch.



Hi Peter, I still have the unit and box, what’s your offer and where are you located?


I am based in NYC. Will you be able to ship to location? What price are you asking?

How much are you asking for? I’m based in Philadelphia.

More that you’d pay direct due to import duties and shipping costs. I’ll likely either keep or see if a UK buyer is interested.


I live in LA if everyone else doesn’t pan out

Hi Adam,

I live in Cheshire. Happy to pay full retail price.

Hope that’s acceptable


Hi Peter, I’d be happy with that plus shipping at £12?


Sounds good.

My understanding has been $459 so £360 at current rates

My email,


Hi this has now sold, thanks for the interest.