Remote Firmware Release 1.7.4

Release 1.7.4 - 2024-03-08


  • Long- and short-press button mappings support in the web-configurator and user interface
    • Please note that the additional commands are only supported in the Apple TV integration at the moment. The other integrations will be enhanced with future updates.
  • New media-player features, commands and button mappings (core-api#32).
  • Show network indicator in entity detail screen.
  • Apple TV integration:
    • New media-player features (#56):
    • Multi-device support (#118).
    • Enhanced reconfiguration and manual setup option with IP address.
  • Propagate entity feature-changes to already configured entities, for example if a device supports more features in a driver update.
    • This is triggered if the integration driver version changes, or if the user requests the available entities.


  • User interface:
    • Entity detail screen closed if entity is unavailable.
    • Media player:
      • only update the image if image url has changed (#327).
      • do not clear data if entity is unavailable.
      • button mappings for all device classes.
      • artwork aspect ratio was incorrect in some cases.
    • Wrongly showing failed integration setup in some cases, when setup was successful.
  • Web-configurator: show correct dock LED brightness when set to 0 (#304).
  • Apple TV integration:
    • Only discover Apple TV 4 and newer devices (#173).
    • Improved disconnect & reconnect handling. This should solve the reported BlockedStateError issues (#300).
    • Automatically wake up Apple TV if a command is sent while it is in standby.
    • Fast-forward and rewind commands.
    • Automatically migrate old configuration file at startup and beginning of configuration flow.
  • Home-Assistant integration: correctly report integration driver version.


  • Speed up dock & integration connection logic for Android TV, Apple TV, Denon AVR, Home-Assistant (#320).
  • Entity detail screen can be also closed with long press of Home or Back buttons.
  • Home-Assistant integration: disconnect from HA server in standby (integration-home-assistant#50).
  • Apple TV integration:
    • Play/Pause will exit screensaver and continue playing paused media.
    • Update pyatv client library and other dependencies to fix possible connectivity issues.