Remote Firmware Release 1.7.14

Release 1.7.14 - 2024-06-19



  • Android TV integration:
    • Allow manual app launch with URL / app-id (integration-androidtv#47). Supported in the web-configurator from 1.7.14.
    • Quickline TV app. Contributed by @splattner, thanks!
  • Apple TV integration: simple commands for skip forward and backward, alternative FF/RW commands with companion protocol. Contributed by @albaintor, thanks! (integration-appletv#19)
  • Denon AVR integration:


  • Prevent standby if remote is taken out of the dock (#375).
  • Enable top dock IR emitter when selecting all outputs (#378).
  • Send_cmd object for external integrations (#381).
  • Restore external remote-entities from backup (#382).
  • Denon AVR integration: prevent disconnect state deadlock after setup or when aborting setup.
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