Remote Backup SOL. Cannot Restore

So took a complete backup, factory reset to get firmware to update (which didn’t download), attempted to restore last 4 backups and I get:
Invalid backup Archive. Custom Codeset configuration too large (max 64K)

So I’m set starting from scratch. Importing CSVs, Rebuilding each activity, working around stateful barriers, and doing every button on the remotes and activities AGAIN?

No message like this occured when backing up.


Sometimes technologyy is about faith. Not being able to restore was getrting demoralizing.

I) I just spent about 16 hours since 1.6.0 and my inability to restore backups doing a rapid reintegration of CSVs, layouts, etc. to get a facsimiler of work until yesterday.
2) I love guys for doing a quick .1 release for restoring larger backup files.
3) I have not been brave enough to wipe and restore, BUT when I try to restore to one of my other 3 unopened remotes I am hoping the larger restore wil work,
4) A .2 release with stateless operation would make me married forever :slight_smile: Hopefully 1.7.x