Remote 3 - Technical Questions

Thought it would be good to have a thread dedicated to ONLY Technical Questions for the upcoming Remote 3. The other thread is a mish-mash of other stuff.

I will be using the Dock 3 in conjunction with the IR Blaster via a Passthrough POE port on a Unifi In-Wall HD with the following specs.

I would like to know the power consumption of Dock 3 with the IR Blaster plugged in, as I assume more LED’s mean more power. I can’t seem to see power consumption specs anywhere in the Dock 3 Technical Specs.

Since the AP uses 11W and max of POE+ is 30W that would leave about 19W for the passthrough port. (Not sure how Unifi got 23W). Depending on how much the Dock 3 + IR blaster consumes I might have to go up to POE++

Anyone know the measured Power Draw of a Dock 2 at least. I’m guessing they might be the same?

I don’t have exact measurements, but I can share some relevant info from the Unfolded Circle website that might help:

According to the Dock 3 specs (Dock 3), it uses PoE 802.3af. The 802.3af standard provides up to 15.4W of DC power. This suggests the Dock 3’s power draw is likely within this range, even with the IR Blaster connected.

Regarding your setup with the Unifi In-Wall HD, the 19W available on the passthrough port should theoretically be sufficient. However, without knowing the exact power draw, it’s hard to say for certain.