Remote 3 & Dock 3, can I change my Kickstarter Pledge & keep the early bird options?

Can I change my pledge and still get the early bird price for an extra doc?

Would I lose my place in line?

I would lose the early bird price for the remote and the free dock as well? To change anything about my current pledge, I can only select what’s currently available?

I’d just like to remove the IR blaster for Dock 3, I added. I’d need more IR extenders but I did not know the difference and it looks like you can not order them as part of the Kickstarter.

Why not ship the docks with two IR extenders? The IR extender will have two LEDs (1m cable).

If I understood the offer correctly, we will get a second free dock with the remote & dock pledge?

chill up, you ask too many questions in one post.
You can change your pledge without loosing your place, but you will get the new prices and loose early bids.

If I were you I would make a second pledge to add your missing extenders

I don’t think there is an option for just the IR extenders.

You can never ask too many questions. So make 5 posts mostly about the same thing???

You can adjust your pledge. The IR blaster is an add-on, simply remove it:,select%20"Change%20your%20pledge".

I did see the option to make changes but was not sure if I’d lose my place in line or if I’d have to change everything in the pledge to what is currently available.

Never tried to make a change to a Kickstarter pledge before and would rather keep the IR Blaster then lose out on the early bird or my place in line.

So I can remove an add-on to the early bird and it will not change anything else in the pledge?

Thanks for the help.