Recommended Routers (UCR2/Dock Friendly Gear)

Howdy, folks!

Given the number of issues we’ve seen related to difficulty connecting to the remote and/or docks and the suspected cause being routers which are not mDNS-friendly, I thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread so we can track what gear everyone is using to identify the naughty from the nice.

In the long run, I hope that we can find some commonality to determine if this is a remote firmware issue, or at the very least, to recommend hardware that’s UCR2-friendly.

Please chime in here with the following, and I’ll update this thread as the feedback rolls in:

  • Connection Issues? Y/N
  • Router Make
  • Router Model
  • Resolution? (if you overcame your issues, please describe what you did to make things connect)


As of 1/8/24

Ubiquiti - Unifi Nano
AVM - Fritz!Box 6591
Ubiquiti - Edgerouter ER-4
Ubiquiti - UDM Pro

Reported Problems:
Ubiquiti - USG 3P
ASUS - RT-AC5300
AVM - Fritz!Box 7490 & 7590

Connection issues: no
Router make: Ubiquiti
Router model: EdgeRouter Lite 3 with multiple acces points (Unifi AP nano)

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Connection issues: no
Router make: ASUS
Router model: RT-AX88U

Connection issues: no
Router make: ASUS
Router model: RT-AXE7800

Connection issues: yes
Router make: Ubiquiti
Router Model: USG 3P

Connection issues: no
Router make: AVM
Router model: Fritz!Box 6591

Connection issues: No
WiFi: Asus RT-AX89X
Router make: Ubiquiti
Router model: Edgerouter ER-4

DHCP-Server: ER-4
DNS-server: Pi-Hole

  • Connection Issues? No
  • Router Vendor: Asus
  • Router Model: AX86U

Although I had no connection problems between and to the remote and the dock, I noticed error messages showing up when editing the UI in the web configurator, which no longer occurred by using the IP address instead of the mDNS URL.

  • Connection Issues? No
  • Router Make: Ubiquiti
  • Router Model: UDM-Pro

My two docks are currently connected over WiFi, but I intend to connect them over Ethernet soon. To reduce compatibility woes, I am ensuring the remote and docks are on the same subnet/have no special firewall rules that could prevent inter-device communications.

You need to replace the EdgeRouter 3 Lite (= router with no wifi) with Unifi Nano (= wifi acces points connected to the router). The other ones on the list are routers with a build in access point.

Done. LMK if it makes sense now. Thanks for the correction!

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Makes sense :slightly_smiling_face: you can leave the bit “(+wifi access point)” out as it is a duplication

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I noticed some are simple routers and some with wifi access point. Need latter. Searching each one tells the tale. TP-Link suspiciously missing. Looks like a new router/access point is in my future. Anything to help would help. Plus home assistant box. Plus new devices. I just need to replace my house as next step to get remotes to work :o

  • Connection issues: yes
  • Router make: AVM
  • Router models: Fritz!Box 7490 & 7590
  • Resolution: manual dock address configuration + multiple dock re-starts