R3 IR Strength?

I see a few people complain of poor IR strength on the R2. Can we get some official confirmation of whether this will be improved with the R3?

We have made several significant improvements. The new dock now features 24 IR LEDs, up from 7, and the housing has been optimized for better performance. Additionally, the IR LED in the remote itself has been enhanced, and the electric design of the 3.5mm jack for the IR blaster has also been improved, allowing for longer cables.

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Great to hear, thanks!

That’s interesting. Will the R2 work with the new dock? And if so, can we purchase the dock separately?

EDIT: The answer to this question is yes. Marton confirmed in a recent interview with AV Nirvana

However, I don’t think the R3 dock can charge the R2 remote as their connectors are different sizes.

This is correct. The charging function is R2+D2 or R3+D3.

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Yeah, I know they aren’t compatible in regards to charging. I was just wondering if the R2 worked (in the same ecosystem) with the dock 3. And it does. All hardware shares the same backend and software.

Good to know. So there is no point in getting the hope up regarding ir performance for me.

How so?

The Dock 3’s IR implementation would appear to be improved in every aspect.

OK but I own a Remote Two. And I certainly don’t want an extra dock sitting around just for IR… if the Dock 3 would have been really compatible, i.e. also for charging, I might have considered getting one to replace my Dock 2.

There will also be a real IR blaster not only extender and I think Marton said that this blaster will also work with Dock 2.

btw. @Thrillcat are you sure? Or did you mean R2D2 and C3PO? Sorry for that :joy: