R2 FREEZING after 1.7.14 update


I’ve had the R2 freeze (no response from any buttons) on me twice since I updated to 1.7.14. I’ve had it freeze on me before but only very rarely. Once it freezes I have to keep pressing the power button to turn it off and then press it again to turn it back on. Once its back on it works just fine.

I’m going to submit a bug report but I was curious if anyone else was having a similar problem.


Same here. Never happed before but has happened twice since the upgrade. For me, it happens when the remote loses WiFi (which happens an alarming amount) so I have to power off the remote and turn it back on. Both times since the update, the remote powers off but won’t power back on. Press and hold the power button and nothing happens. Yesterday, I put it on the dock and it restarted right away. This morning, it completely locked up. The buttons lit up when placed on the dock but nothing on the screen and completely unresponsive. Had to hit the reset button on the back, put back on dock and it finally woke up. Definitely a bug in the most recent update!


Its nice to know that I’m not the only one having this problem. I strongly suggest you leave a comment on the bug report I made so the developers will know that there are more than one person having this problem.

Third freeze today (Sunday) since update to 1.7.14. There is DEFINITELY something wrong with that update!

It looks like my screen is completely blank now, it still accepts touch input. Even a forced reboot doesn’t fix it. Hopefully a bug fix is out soon and it’ll auto update


Does the remote have a reset button?
The hole in the back is used to open the cover.
The dock has one.

Cheers, tiki

Ha! I remember reading that hole in the back is to remove the cover but wasn’t sure. Guess it was the placebo effect and just taking it on/off the dock multiple times eventually woke the remote back up.

in my case at least, the remote likes to have a longer rest in the dock after updates or similar.
Just be patient, give it a few minutes before trying to reset. Sometimes a manual reset is not necessary, but I cannot say under which circumstances.
Cheers, tiki