Quick help - entering Pronto HEX codes

Please see attached screenshot - Ive copied/pasted the Pronto code, but it says its “Invalid”.
When I click the “Click here to see what formats we accept” it takes me to a weboste error screen.
Any help would be appreciated.

Where did you get this code from? Looks like it could be too short when I compare the with other Pronto codes. But I am not an expert on this.

Regarding the non working link there is a bug ticket: [bug] Bulk upload - Accepted formats link not working · Issue #98 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

maybe you can tell us for what device u try to add this ir code?

They are for the brand T+A
Supplied in this PDF from them:-

Ok, globale Cache send me the same code as you tried to import. Then it’s not a problem caused by the code but I think you need to open a bug for that.

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This issue has been resolved on Discord yesterday. There’s nothing wrong with the Pronto code itself. The problem was caused by copying the code from PDF file and pasting it into the text area in web configurator. There had to be some invisible control/formatting characters copied alongside the visible ASCII ones. Pasting the code using “Paste as clear text” (or ctrl+shift+v instead of just ctrl+v) fixed the issue.

Anyway, it would be great if web configurator had some input sanitization built into the forms. It could just strip non-valid characters for selected code format and then check if the data is valid.