Question on IR extension cables

Does anyone know- on the jack for the IR extenders, is it possible to put a double or triple head Splitter Cable to specifically drive more devices? I have multiple devices spread out a long way on a rack. Thanks

When I’m not completely wrong, there is now a double cable delivered by default.

That’s true.

Great. Thanks to you both!

Hi, can someone (@marton ) maybe explain why the use of the NEEO IR Extender in combination with the the Remote Two dock won’t work? It seems to me that it is just and IR sender just like the one delivered in the box of the Remote Two. Both extender have the same jack connection with the equal amount of connector rings. Is the a way to make it work? Because I really like the look more of the old NEEO one and most important it is already completely wired through the wall.

That might have a different pinout, use different voltage. Could be anything.

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I’ve had a problem before on this also. It might be a “mono” vs “stereo” plug issue. Marton can you tell us the specs that Remote 2 is using?

I’ve upload the info here: Smart Charging Dock 3.5 mm jack pinout : Unfolded Circle Support

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Awesome. Really helpful! Thanks

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So just to be crystal clear: +5VDC is always present on tip. When the dock wants to send an IR signal ring closes to ground, otherwise it is open. Sleeve is not connected. Correct?