Question multiple activities or other suggestion

Hello, i don’t Know how to do. It’s the same issue with all my activities but i will take Watch tv example.
I have an activity « Watch Channel TV »
This activity Switch on the tv, ampli and tv player.
But sometimes i would like to watch tv on my projector (so Switch off tv, Switch on projector and screen) should i multiply activy ?

  • Watch channel tv on tv
  • Watch channel tv on projector
    Or there is another way to do this ? Maybe a Switch to toggle tv / projector ? Is it possible ?
    Thanks a lot

Nobody ? I think i’m not the only one in this case

Maybe it’s possible with the activities grouping function that’s on the roadmap for October.

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For now, duplicating activities is the way I did it it (like I did it on the Neeo).

In my case, activities correspond to a specific setup for sound (av receiver or audiophile amp) and for image (TV or projector). The content of activity pages are exactly the same as Kodi is the only source whatever the output setup (TV, music, streaming, movies…).

ok for duplicate but how to switch on / off device ?

I think this could be achieved using the “On sequence” and “Off sequence”. My concern (and probably yours) is that turning on the tv_activity will not turn off the projector_activity. You will have to turn off the tv_actvity before launching the projector_activity.

See the other topic I open for “toggling” between activities