Problem with firmware version 1.6.9 and starting/stopping of activities

With the latest firmware update 1.6.9, I have the problem that when starting an activity, the display of the steps of the start sequence stops at the last step, continues to be displayed and thus the UI of the activity is not displayed. To fix this, I have to exit the activity and start it again. The same happens when exiting an activity when the off sequence is run through.

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Bug has been loaded by kennymc.c

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Same here. I’ve found out that the “back” button clears the screen and let you use the remote normally

Regarding the problem with firmware 1.6.9 may I ask if there is a way to go back to firmware 1.6.7 again?

zehnm commented on github that a new release is being built and should be available later today. :pray:

New firmware 1.6.10 solved the problem of activity loading stuck for me. Thanks for the fast response to the UC-Team! :pray: