PIN for Apple TV model 1625?

I have Apple TV model 1625 running TV OS 17.1. When I try to set up the Apple TV integration it asks for a PIN. I don’t find a PIN anywhere on the box, or in "settings > general >about or anywhere else. I don’t recall ever setting a PIN or see any opportunity to in settings. When I leave the PIN blank it spins for a while then gives an error. It does initially see the ATV TV OS 17.1. Is my box simply too old to work with this integration?

Its the PIN the Apple TV asks for and displays when you try to connect. Mine wanted two PINS.

OK thanks! I also seem to recall you have to give permission to connect somewhere in ATV settings. I guess I was too impatient to do a thorough search on the forum because I was holding the R2 in my grubby hands for the first time. Hopefully I’ll figure it all out today. Also, hopefully, this new thread will come up in a search for the next user in this situation.

I’m really happy, despite the usual and expected frustrations, with how much progress I’ve made in just a few hours of owning the thing.

Thanks again for your quick and useful response. It is exactly right, I did get prompted for a PIN twice, and they were different. At first I thought I was caught in a loop, but after 2 PIN entries the integration succeeded. I now have one device I can usefully control with Remote 2.

I also imported an integration for Philips Hue. Controlling my lighting at this stage isn’t a high priority, but it should be relatively straightforward (he said, setting himself up for frustration and failure:-) ).

One (so far) disappointment: when I play a file (in this case through Tablo) I get a thumbnail of the program on the R2 screen (very cool) and below it, a time line and cursor. I assumed I could grab the cursor and shuttle through the program, but I can’t. I’ve tried pausing it with the play/pause hard button, holding my finger on the cursor for a while, but no joy. Is there something I’m missing?

The remote that came with the ATV does have the ability to shuttle through a program by swiping on the touch screen. Very handy for skipping commercials in recorded broadcast programs in the many instances where the Tablo commercial skip feature fails (and anyway, they’re sunsetting the commercial skip feature, but I digress). It’s actually the best feature of the ATV remote. The worst is that it seems specifically designed to fall between the cushions of the sofa.

If shuttle by cursor drag is a feature that’s not quite ready, I hope they get to it eventually. Also, a coarse and fine cursor would be nice, as in the Video Redo app I use frequently. Sometimes the ATV drag response is too fast for precision positioning in a program, it’s my only complaint with it. I didn’t even try the rew and ff buttons on R2, I just assumed they work.

On to getting other stuff working.

If the app supports it you can pause/play by taping on the thumbnail