Physical Bluetooth Keyboard

I currently have a Harmony Hub and now a Sofabaton X1 w/ hub for testing (horrible).

I use my TV with a computer as a full HTPC to watch all the streaming TV plus web games and basic games (none that require low latency keyboards so bluetooth works good). What I like about the Harmony Hub is that it has the Smart Keyboard that can control the TV and the PC. I tried to get the X1 do to this and while it can emulate a bluetooth keyboard for the PC it can’t pair with the physical bluethooth keyboard.

I would like to see if something like this would be possible for the Unfolded Circle.


I assume this will be possible when this feature gets implemented: Pair as Bluetooth keyboard to devices · Issue #65 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

Maybe. The X1 Can pair as a Bluetooth device, but it cannot have Bluetooth devices like the keyboard pair to it.