Philips HUE scenes?

Has anyone been able to use scenes with Philips Hue?

I have three screens: TV bright, Watch TV and Watch Movie defined with the Hue hub which get progressively dimmer.

With the Hue integration I can group all my lights together and switch them on and off - this also respects the brightness and colour that had already been set for the lights when they are turned back on again.

I have tried with home assistant too. Inside HA I can access the scenes, but the HA integration for UCRC2 does not carry across the scenes, just the lights and the groups of lights.

Any idea?

Yeah, for the Hue integration being able to recall scenes is kind of a must as I (almost) never want to control single lights, but just get all lights in a room/area to a certain preset/scene.

Hope it gets added soon.

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I created a request for this and other missing feature in the Hue integration a while ago: [feature request] Support for Hue scenes, groups, rooms and zones · Issue #95 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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I haven’t gotten as far as trying that. Hi Fi and home theater are top priority, lighting not so much for me. But the first light I would like to control is a chandelier with about 10 bulbs on it. I did get the Hue integration to control each individual bulb, but that’s certainly not the way I would like to run it!

You could create a group in the user interface to at at least turn them on an off at the same time

It turns out you can do it via a macro. You need to set the brightness and colour of each light in the macro and have a macro for each scene and one for off as well. It is painful but it does work.

It doesn’t carry over the dimming speed from the scene though.

Yes, but this is not the same as a scene from the bridge. If the remote would support this you could change or add scenes in the Hue or a third party app and it would be synchronized to the remote as well.

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I did create a group, as kennymc.c suggested. It turns the bulbs on to the last known dimmer setting. That’s good enough for me. I just need to be able to turn on the chandelier in the next room after I finish watching a movie in the dark, so I don’t trip over anything looking for the normal dimmer. Typically I’ll reach for my phone, but if I don’t have it I’m screwed.