Philips Hue Integration error

When trying to add the Philips hue Integration on my remote-two, i get this error:

Integration setup


Something went wrong when trying to setup a new integration.


Did anybody find how to fix this?

You will get additional informations from the logs. Got to Settings/Logs and choose Core and the Hue integtration as logs to download and change priority to Debug.

Not sure how to interpret this, but here goes:

2023-11-04 18:53:40.636703 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] Session state change: Disconnected
2023-11-04 18:53:40.629125 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] StopDriver msg
2023-11-04 18:53:40.627867 +00:00 core NOTICE Stopping driver ‘uc_hue_driver’: no more instances
2023-11-04 18:53:35.312927 +00:00 core NOTICE Ok(DriverSetupChange { event_type: Stop, state: Error, error: Some(Other), require_user_action: None })
2023-11-04 18:53:25.311246 +00:00 core NOTICE Ok(DriverSetupChange { event_type: Setup, state: Setup, error: None, require_user_action: None })
2023-11-04 18:53:25.308084 +00:00 core NOTICE Removed standby inhibitor: Integration setup: uc_hue_driver
2023-11-04 18:53:25.305870 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] Driver version changed or unknown, requesting driver metadata: IntegrationVersion { api: None, integration: None }
2023-11-04 18:53:25.300545 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] SessionAuthenticated msg
2023-11-04 18:53:25.299352 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] Session state change: Authenticated
2023-11-04 18:53:25.286303 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] Session became active: sending get_driver_version, connect, subscribe_events
2023-11-04 18:53:25.282594 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] SessionAuthenticated msg
2023-11-04 18:53:25.281561 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] Session state change: Authenticated
2023-11-04 18:53:25.268645 +00:00 core NOTICE [uc_hue_driver] Connected to: ws://
2023-11-04 18:53:25.258410 +00:00 core WARN Driver not connected to start setup flow, starting driver. State: Some(Idle)
2023-11-04 18:53:25.257167 +00:00 core NOTICE Added standby inhibitor: Integration setup: uc_hue_driver

Oh, and tordms, you’ll need to take a couple of programming classes at your local junior college too. :slight_smile:


Hahaha… this would be funny if it wasn’t true :joy:

But seriuously, The Hue integration is not working, and nobody knows how to fix it?
I understand the UC crew is buzy these days, but having an eye on the forums, helping their customers along, wouldnt be a bad idea…!

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For me it’s working. Could be a network problem. Maybe it’s better to post this here GitHub - unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker: Feature and bug tracker repository for Unfolded Circle products since I am not sure how often someone from the team checks these forum posts.

Having the same issue and opened bug report:

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What I would at least try: restart everything: your router, the hue bridge, the remote and then try again.

Rebooting router and hue bridge did the trick :smiley:

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