Permanent timeouts or cannot connect

I have had the R2 for a few days now. During the setup via the WebConfigurator, I was already bothered by all the “Network Error” messages.
Now I have at least a basic setup with which I can manage the normal tasks for the TV/AVR control.

However, this device has such massive connectivity issues that I’m starting to not know if this isn’t the most beautiful and best processed paperweight in the world.

Almost every other action on the remote is acknowledged with “Connection Timeout” “Dock not reachable” or similar errors. Simple tasks, such as briefly selecting a movie on Netflix & Co, simply cannot be performed.
The maximum that can be tolerated is turning the devices on and off. Even vol up/down control becomes an absolute test of patience.

I know it’s a Kickstarter project and doesn’t need to be mature, but given the delay and the “we’ve optimized” emails, it’s currently more of a dirty, rough diamond, encased in a big rock and far, far away from deliverable.

I’ve also connected a network cable to the dock as it said it would make it more stable, but neither can I see the dock on my network requesting an address, nor has it improved the situation. I also find it questionable why a WLAN signal should not be sufficient for simple code transmissions, while a video stream in 4k is possible right next to it.

Do you also have these problems, or does anyone have a clever solution for it?

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Maybe that you connected the webconfigurator in browser via the URL that is shown on the remote where the connection PIN appears?

I had the same connection problems with this URL based connection and could solve the problem by changing the URL in the browser address field to the IP address of the remote. So, for example like this:

With the IP address in the browser my remote connection in webconfigurator is absolutely stable.

Yes, using IP is definitely better than using the vDNS address.

But what bothers me more is that the remote itself is not really usable, because I get a timeout every 2nd (not exaggerated, sometimes several times in a row) keystroke.

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Do you get these timeouts only for IR controlled devices, or also for IP controlled devices?

I also have timeouts, but it seems for me, that this is only with IR controlled devices.
Have to observe this more…

You could also try to add the real ip address of the dock with the custom ip or url option in the web configurator dock settings.

I’ve added the correct IPs now, but without any effect.
@Sturgis I’m not sure what kind of receiver the devices have.

My Denon AVR-1911 for example works pretty fine after some tests today, so I think it is IR controller. For example, my LG TV OLED65CX9LA only works with the generic profile. I was able to train the codes with my original remote, but nothing worked after that. Whereby also this seems to depend on the current time of day and moon position. Sometimes it works via the stored remote control, but not in the activities, sometimes nothing works at all.

Today it is now the case that I can no longer execute the Sequence (TV + AVR) completely, because the TV no longer turns on. I must then explicitly turn on the device. I assume that LG is rather IP controlled.

I just noticed that the remote often says “request timed out” followed by “connection to the dock could not be established”.

I would try to file a bug on GitHub with the downloaded debug logs attached (Settings/Logs/Download Logs from: Core service, WiFi driver, User interface app/with priority DEBUG)

This is really strange. For me, the connection to the Web configurator has been absolutely stable since I started using the fixed IP of the R2 in the URL. It couldn’t be better. You could also try, as suggested by ‘kennymc.c’ a few posts before, setting a fixed IP for the Dock in the Dock settings.

My TV is also a LG OLED (OLED65E8), and I can control it without timeouts. I configured it with the generic profile “LG Generic TV 1.” However, I believe this control is IR-based because it only works when I position one of the IR extenders right in front of the TV. This is quite inconvenient for me since it doesn’t align with my living room setup. My Harmony Hub, for example, is in my TV cabinet and can control all my entertainment devices via IR without any issues, no matter where they are positioned in my living room.

In terms of control, my VU+ Ultimo 4K Sat-Receiver is a major problem with the R2. I experience massive timeouts and miscontrols with it, and I can’t even learn the code for the “CursorUp” button. Unfortunately, the code I found on the internet from the GlobalCache database doesn’t work at all. It’s frustrating and a complete showstopper for me.

On the other hand, controlling the Apple TV (IP based controlled) works flawlessly for me.

All in all, at the moment, I can’t really replace my Harmony Elite with the R2.

I’ve found a very similar/same issue on Github: Connection to Dock not established · Issue #44 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

Let’s see if they do that in one of the next firmware updates. So far I can’t use the remote, and it’s just lying around, and I get totally frustrated every time I want to use it.

Absolutely not an experience you want for relaxing hours of the day. Early Bird/Kickstarter or not, but currently it’s really underwhelming.

Software updates done?

Sure. Everything is up-to-date, Dock is connected via LAN, IP is set and correct…

With the IP change, the web configuration is stable, but the real remote function controlling my devices is worse than the cheapest all-in-one remote…