PCB Delaying Shipping

@marton have you had any positive news on the PCBs yet? I know its out of your hands, I just wanted to ask

@Marton -

It would be very helpful if you would please provide a current update on the expected availability of the PCBs and then provide at least semi-monthly status updates on the current status of the project including PCB/component availability, firmware, device libraries, integration testing, etc. You have a very interested community that would like and deserves more regular status reports.

The currently listed availability of “Early 2023” sounds like Q1, but we are rapidly approaching EOQ. Is Q2 achievable at this time, or are we really looking at Q3? Expectation management is the key to any successful relationship.

We understand the challenges in delivering a new product but need to be able to manage our plans, and would like to share in and applaud the achievement of your key milestones. Thanks!

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Marton just shared the following update

"Finally we have good news. We can give you an update on the timeline based on the information we got from the manufacturers.

The first batch of dock PCBs will arrive on week 12. We’ll do thorough testing and final assembly for these docks. The remote PCBs will arrive in week 14 and assembly is scheduled for the week after for the first batch.

With safety buffer added, we should have fully assembled products ready to be shipped mid-May. Thank you for hanging in there with us!

I’ll snap some pictures in about 2 weeks, when the docks PCBs arrive. I can’t wait to see many of these things getting ready.

We’ve released the simulator and the core API documentation 2 weeks ago. We are happy to see, what you’ve been creating with it already and also thankful for the feedback we got. We’re close to finishing the last bit of the integration API, which will enable developers to create flexible onboarding flows for integrations. We’ll be also showing this off how it will work!"

We have been regularly updating on Kickstarter about the process, wins and hurdles. The website will soon also be updated to reflect the current estimates.

We are quite active on the chat as well: http://unfolded.chat
And trying to check in on the forum as often as possible.

Thanks Marton! I joined the discord chat and will spend some time there. I see a reference to clarity on a PCB availability date but could not find it by :eyes: ng for PCB. Perhaps a read only milestone topic where you can post updates on PCB, software and other project milestones would be useful.