Order received !?

Hey All,

As we will all wait patiently for our orders to come in I was thinking it be pretty cool if people could share on here their backer number once they get their shipping confirmation so we can start to gather where we are in the line.

This will help us get an understanding of when we might get our remotes.

Hello, Check on Discord server #offtopic
Last report #209

The last one reported was 241 on Sunday but shortly after they had problems creating new UPS shipping lables. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have been solved to date and they probably have to wait for UPS to re-activate their account first before they can proceed with shipping.

can you share link to discord?

Hi, I´m new here, but backed Remote 2 on KS and now I´m urgently waiting for my remote. I just created a discord account and tried to join the Unfolded Chat Discord Server from the above link.

Unfortunately the link will not work and I get the error “Invitation invalid”.

What could be the problem? I´m grateful for any help. Thank you.

This was probably a temporary invite made by the user.

You can just join over http://unfolded.chat

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I actually used the same URL and I still can see it when editing the post. Probably this preview box does some kind of conversion

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Thank your for your response. Unfortunately also the direkt link http://unfolded.chat will bring the same error for me. I think, I don´t understand these Discord server mechanics?

Thank you. The Unfolded Chat Discord server will not work for me. I tried the direct link, but will have the same error.

Just try to copy and paste the url into your browsers url field instead of clicking on the link

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Okay, it will work now. I tried a different browser (Brave) and I had to disconnect from my created account from yesterday and created a brand new account and now I´m on the Chat server. On both browsers. Strange.

Thank you very much for your help!

It will work with a different/new Discord account made on a different browser (maybe some problems with cached cookies?) and now I´m connected to the chat server. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help!