Only 1 Integration Per Type?

I’m trying to add my local cable provider’s DVR/streamer (based on Android and TIVO) to my system using an integration. I already set up my Nvidia Shield as an AndroidTV device. Is there no way to add a second, even if it’s an IP device?

No, you can currently can only add one internal integration of the same type. A workaround could be to run the android integration externally on a separate device: GitHub - unfoldedcircle/integration-androidtv: Android TV integration for Remote Two
There is also a feature request for this: [feature request] Multiple instances of the same integration · Issue #118 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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I have to believe that there are plenty of customers who have more than one Android TV type of device, such as a SmartTV, Nvidia Shield and other such devices based on the Android OS who don’t want to have to install a 3rd party system like HomeAssistant to unify the unified remote. I’d consider this a pretty high priority. Hopefully the development team will agree and implement asap. Right now it makes my R2 useless for the purpose it was intended - a single unifying remote.

If you have a Raspberry Pi or a computer you leave on HA doesn’t take long to install. You could use as interim measure for now.

You’re right BUT : you can get all the Android TV and AppleTV instances you want through Home assistant entities.
However only the media player entity type is supported by the RC2 integration : you can get the play/next/previous commands, and the now playing (for appletv only).
But you won’t get the other necessary commands including up/down/right/left arrow keys.
These commands are included in the remote entity type from Home assistant, which is not supported yet by the integration.
So for now there is no solution, except creating a script for each command

A customer shouldn’t have to buy and configure an entirely new system to be able to use a “unified” remote. Period. This is a fundamental issue that will continue to appear and a limitation that was totally absent in the documentation on the website.

As stated above, I can’t imagine I’m the only user with more than one Android device, especially one that operates on RF and not IR Otherwise, we could just buy this:

The promise of the R2 is starting to fall way short of the stated objective. I had high hopes that I’d be able to replace my SofaBaton and Harmony Elite, but it seems the development team needs more staff to pull this off.

I understand your frustration, however I remind this is a small company behind a complex product.
Even Logitech spent a lot of time to get to a finished software and UI.
Besides I also own a Sofabaton X1 and I am also frustrated with it but for other reasons : okay it works but it won’t go any further. The software architecture is weak and closed. No possibility to have additional (and community) integrations (so don’t think about home assistant and domotics), and the UI is basic and poor.

I prefer the design, the (opened) software architecture offered by the RC2 even if it is more complex and incomplete at this state