Nvidia Shield Pro Control

So am I just SOL about being able to control my Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) with the Remote Two right now? All my other components are IR, but the NSP uses Bluetooth it appears. Am I just going to have to sit on my hand’s and wait?

Kevin T

The android TV integration works perfectly fine with the Nvidia shield pro. Are you unable to use this in your setup? It’s worked for me since day one.


I’m currently using the Android TV integration as well. It’s almost perfect - it seems like button “press-and-holds” are not currently supported, which is a bit of a pain, I’m hoping that’s a fixable nuisance and not a limitation of the Android TV IP protocols…

Harmony used to emulate the Bluetooth remote, while the Unfolded Circle Android TV integration is IP-based. Did your remote not “discover” the Shield Pro when you were setting it up?

Yes. I am really needing that feature too, but it’s the long press (button hold) that is not currently implemented in the remote at all. It doesn’t support this for any device. But it’s on the roadmap. Eventually it will have this capability. And this remote handles the shield WAY better in my opinion. It’s a direct (IP) integration versus the crummy Bluetooth method. Harmony does handle it pretty good, but this better and more responsive

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OK. Thanks! I’ll check that out. I’m starting to realize this remote is way smarter than I am. I came from a Learning IR Home Theater Master then moved to a Logitech Harmony / Hub system. Now I’m clearly out of my element with the Remote Two.

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You and me both! I think this product is unique in the sense that (compared to say a Sofabaton) it’s clearly far more extensible - reminds me a little of Control4 in some ways.

But - I do think to help people bridge that gap, we need to be able to access logs from the hubs, and documentation needs to improve (which will of course happen with time).

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Hi I have a Formuler Z8 Pro and when trying to add Android TV integration, it finds the device but somehow it got an error trying to set it up:


I have no idea if the integration works for this device. Does someone know the solution?

Thanks in advance!

ps: sorry… I must first install Android TV Remote Service for the integration to work! It is working now… still figuring out how the remote works :wink: