Nvidia Shield app list change?

In the Shield integration it includes a list of app shortcuts. Is there anyway to modify this list to better align with the apps I have and regularly use?

I have checked after Nvidia shield : there is indeed a nvidia shield application that lets retrieve the app list and launch any app based on the installed applications, BUT :

  • Based on OpenHAB integration : there are 2 different integrations, one for (generic) android tv, and one for Nvidia shield
  • The (generic) androidTV integration is not able to retrieve app list and launch any app that do not have any url scheme (also called deeplink), unlike the ShieldTV integration
  • Afted digging more : I expected that the ShieldTV protocol was just the same as androidtv remote service with just additional commands, but it is a different protocol

So this would be a lot of work to do just to handle this only feature (retrieves app list and launch any of them), which would work only on the ShieldTV. I can say this because I tried and I gave up

The culprit is the poor google implementation of android remote service, against the AppleTV for example that is capable of a lot more : apps list retrieval and selection, current media artwork, duration/position…

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at this moment not. The list is fixed in apps.py in the Android TV integration. If you start an external integration you can add/delete whatever you want. Problem is sometimes to find the way to start an app. I managed to add a few but I still fail starting the Dune HD MediaManager.


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