New remote entities support in Home assistant

Hi all,
I have forked 3 homeassistant projects to add support for remote entities in Home assistant for these integrations : most integrations only support media player entity which lets retrieve media info, and change playback state. But the other commands are missing (arrow keys, menus, digits…)
At the present time the R2 integration of home assistant don’t support remote entities, but in the meantime you can create scripts which trigger remote commands.
Here are the 3 modified integrations :

  1. Sony devices (bluray players or tvs) : GitHub - albaintor/ Custom component for Home Assistant to control Sony devices
  2. Panasonic bluray players (edit : won’t work with latest 4K BR players…) : GitHub - albaintor/panasonic_bluray_remote
  3. Livebox (STB for France and Poland) : GitHub - albaintor/liveboxtvuhd: Livebox TV UHD custom component for Home Assistant

On my Sony bluray player (UBP-x700), the device won’t answer commands if in standby mode (not cool).

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Just a note that if you have a Sony Bravia TV, there is a Sony Bravia integration that has both media player and remote already. Not saying you can’t use this sony fork, it might just not be needed if you have a 2013 or newer Bravia.

Thanks but I needed to control also my bluray player which is only supported by this integration

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For anyone who has a Panasonic 4K player, you can patch the software to remove the sha256 authentication, which makes it compatible with the python library.

Hi thanks for the tip, I did it and it works. However the patch is not easy to apply