My Remote Two Has Arrived!

My Remote Two just arrived and although I haven’t gone through the setup yet, the hardware and packaging are magnificent! Both the remote and the base have some serious heft to them and the screen is beautiful. BTW, the box had a unique opening like an “unfolded circle” :wink:

FWIW, I was KS backer #9 and live in the US. My delivery was delayed by UPS and should have been here 3 days ago but an address snafu caused a delay over the weekend.

More after I set it up and start using it.

In the meantime, Great work, guys!


Perfect, these were the high quality photos i was looking for. Thank you.

When putting the remote into the dock is there metal on metal contact?

There are two metal pogo pins for charging the remote when docked, but the “pocket” that the remote sits in is plastic. Hopefully this photo will help:

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Spot on, thanks for the photo.

Has your dock a stable stand?
My one has a good weight but the glued soft base has some curvature so it’s wobbling around a litte and rotating when putting or removing the remote on/from the dock …

My dock is rock-steady. It is easy to remove the remote and put it back in while the dock remains motionless.

Mhh… that’s good for you and the general quality and bad for me…
Maybe my problem can be seen here. Tje surface of the table is not slippery…

Received my remote today.
Backer #2 in the UK.

Packaging and box opening experience was fantastic.

Just trying to figure out how to make it do what I want it to do.

I’m sure I’ll be opening lots of threads to discuss.

@zuki , I have the exact same issue. The Dock is wobbly because the rubber feet is bulging at the center.

Got mine today (2 Units, don’t remember the KS Backer rank)

Well, unfortunately i have way to much work to do and will only come to hacking and configure mid next week.

BUT big kudos to the product design, all the way from PAckaging, remote weight and feeling and the UI … Everything screams premium product here.

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My Remote arrived today. Very well made and valuable impression.

The setup process went smoothly so far. But you shouldn’t have sausage fingers for the on-screen keyboard - good eyesight is also an advantage. Maybe we should introduce a mode with bigger keys :wink:

Otherwise, I’m just a bit stumped as far as the configuration is concerned. I can still get into the web configurator. But on the one hand it often happens that the loading ring runs indefinitely and on the other hand I haven’t managed to add anything like devices, buttons or actions. Is there perhaps a quick start guide where a few basic things are explained?

I’m looking for the same thing

Looking good! Thanks for sharing.

Insanely jealous of you guys! Been waiting (im)patiently for those who are not backers and are on the waiting list to be notified. Looking to get at least two. Keep us posted on your impressions and experience as yiu go forward.


Same for me unfortunately, a wobbly dock.

Never the less, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Like the overal feel of the hardware, it has really a ‘premium’ feel to it.
  • Wobbly dock and the back butten is a little ‘crunchy’.
  • Attention to the look and feel of the software is pretty good.
  • UX could get some attention, it’s not always clear where you should do what.
  • Software (initial shippment version 1.0.5) sometimes buggy when setting things up, but when using the remote it seems stable enough (not my daily remote yet though).
  • IR learning issues for me, have a Marantz remote and some signals are not picked up.
  • Would like to ‘hard map’ the hardware buttens, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the screen but looks like it’s not possible yet?
  • Also would like to able to map a button directly to an Home Assistant input button but seems you need to use the Activities option here which you need to add to a page to make the buttons work (+ on that page you need to press the activity first).

Apart from the things above, this remote is very promising and just needs some software updates to be fully usable. Can’t wait to let it become my daily driver.

Congrats team, have to say nice work so far and hopefully we get some software updates soon :).

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This would be very helpful. I received mine today and just because I don’t know which steps to follow I’m stuck and more or less decided to wait for a first steps guide with an example how to set up one ir-device or for the next software release. I can’t even figure out how to leave the profiles screen and it feels like the setup is more reliable if done with the remote instead of using the web configurator (which I prefer). Well, in the meantime I can figure out how the fix the wobbly dock.

To be clear: I like the remote already just because of build quality and all the effort invested. And I’m absolutely fine to wait for some fixes … as long as my Neeo (which disappointed me a lot) does the job.

yeah, would appreciate that. It’s not that intuitive… and because we are the first ones to receive it there is no information anywhere to find :frowning:

I wrote a mail to support last week regarding the wobbly dock and just got a confirmation that they will send me a new improved replacement rubber seal to address this issue.
I also noticed problems with different pressure points for some of the buttons. This seems to stem from an excessive amount of glue used by the manufacturer, which should dissipate over time. In addition, new replacement buttons will still be included.