Multiple AppleTVs?

It seems like you can only have 1 live AppleTV setup on the remote.
It seems to store the authentication for ones that have been connected previously, but I only seem to be able to control and use one of them?
is this by design at the moment? or is it a bug ?

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Will follow this one as I too have noticed this same thing after receiving my remote today. I’ve four AppleTVs in different rooms and would like to be able to add them all to the one remote.


I think I am afflicted with two older Apple TV connections, and the effect is to impede my ability to install any integration.

[Update 11/30: in the interest of keeping an accurate record of events, the “multiple Apple TVs” were in fact Apple HomePods, which use the same operating system. I simply disconnected them during the integration process and was left with the single Apple streamer that was integrated with R2 without issue. I’d suggest that R2 filter out HomePods to avoid unnecessary confusion.]