More IP based integrations

Even though I’m up and running with remote codes now, I would love to have an IP-based integration for the Emotiva XMC-2, that can display in sync on/off status, source selected, volume, etc. (like the existing phone app). Also, the Oppo UDP series of disk players, that can at least display current track information. Finally, a way to send commands and receive status via RS232 to a Global Cache IP to RS232 appliance, and a way to add GUI widgets like a volume status. Some of this may be dreaming, I know.

Would it be possible to design an app that could reverse-engineer a phone app (which many devices have) for R2? Would that be legal? For OSS it should be. Possible, I don’t know.

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It’s possible to create your own integrations, but right now you need to host them externally (on some computer in your LAN, for example a Raspberry Pi or some NAS server) instead of on the remote itself. Remote Two has a WebSocket API, which allows it to connect to your own integrations. From the remote’s UI perspective there’s no difference between internal and external integrations.

Regarding the reverse engineering, it depends on where you live and if you do it just for yourself or not. For example, in the USA there’s a DMCA, which blocks you from breaking security measures of a software etc, even if they are really weak (as far as I know, I may be wrong, I don’t live in USA). I don’t think there are any laws like that in EU.

I don’t understand what do you mean by “design an app that could reverse-engineer a phone app”. To reverse engineer such app you can try to decompile the app itself and analyze the code statically (the code you get from decompilation is usually not very readable though and may not even be complete), and/or capture the network traffic between the app and the device it controls and try to analyze and correlate what you see in the network packets with what you’ve done within the app and what was the reaction on the device.

It looks like there is documentation for the IP stuff for the Emotiva. I found it in their forum, although it’s hosted in dropbox, so I can’t say for sure that it’s up to date. That would be a starting place for building an integration.

I also own a EMOTIVA XMC-2. This documentation is up to date.
It would be absolutely great to have a IP based bidirectional remote !!