Mapping hard buttons while in AppleTV activity

When trying to map the hard buttons for AppleTV, and assigning commands to the top row (Back, Home, and Microphone), this warning message appears:

“This is a special button with functionality to navigate the user interface. If you choose to assign a new function, you’ll loose the original functionality and need to use the touchscreen to navigate back to the main screen.”

I’m just a caveman and don’t quite understand what this means. Can anyone educate me?


Hi caveman, the physical back and home button are the defaults to return to the home screen of the Remote.
That said, it is just a warning, you can link them to any command you wish. If you are in an activity you can still exit it by clicking on the x at the right top of the screen…
in all my activities the home button is assigned to the typical ‘home’ functionality of the activity, for example a guide or list. In my Apple TV activity it brings me straight back to the main menu.

Give it a try and if you don’t like it then you can just delete the command from the button.

Thank you! That was MOST helpful!

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I had decided to heed the warnings and use soft buttons for home and back. There are appropriate icons available, no need to source them externally. But it’s a matter of choice.

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