Mapping Buttons from original Denon remote to Remote 2

I have be able, I think to find the code for “INFO” from my original Denon AVR X3800H remote by using the learning function: 17;0x2A4C0280E466;48;0

However, I cannot map it to a button (green) on the Remote 2 for my watch tv activity.

Can anyone help?

Otherwise, remote is great - bit of a learning curve for the uninitiated.

You need to create or edit an existing remote entity first from the web configurator to add a new button to a ir code set. After opening the remote entity ui settings click on the pen icon next to the name of the ir data set at the top left. in the new window you can enter a button name at the bottom and click on create new button. After this you add this remote entity to the activity and choose the new command from the list.

Thanks - really appreciate the response and it’s helpful - I am almost there.

I created the custom button for Info, the dock located the code, but there is no way to save it it seems. When I go to watch tv activity, add the new remote as an entity, then try to configure a button, the new INFO button is not in the drop down list. It also isn’t in the drop down list in the new remote entity either when I try to configure a button there.

You need to set the format dropdown menu to Hex to be able to click on the save button.

Here’s a screen shot of where I get stuck. There is no save button.

The dock blinks green and then red when it is learning the button. Not sure what that means but it does put a code in the box as the screenshot shows.

The bottom part seems to be cut off. Are you using a low resolution display or a high display scaling? In most browsers you can also use a zoom function to scale down a website.

Thanks! Using MacBook Pro have to have browser in full open (green button) for save to come up. Then had to reboot remote two to get it to work. But it works now.’

Sa thanks!!