Lutron Integration

I have Lutron dinners throughout my home with a Pro-Hub, and wondering what is the best way to control them through the R2? I can control them through the app and HomeKit. Is this a case of waiting until the Custom Integrations in Q124 roadmap or is there another option?

I’m using Home bridge, but not Home Assistant.

There are no plans for a Lutron integration yet but there is an existing feature request: Add integration for Lutron Caseta devices · Issue #269 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub.
That roadmap entry you mentioned will allow developers to upload their integrations to the remote and users do not need to run it as an external integration on a separate device anymore wich is already possible.
So your only current option is to use Home Assistant.

Thanks @kennymc.c for your response with the details on feature request #269. The remote website marketing materials show lighting controls. So, without Integrations, how are other controlling lighting ?

Why no integrations? There are integrations for Philips Hue and also Home Assistant wich can control lights with the controls like you see on the screenshot.

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I put in that feature request as I have several Lutron devices controled via the Lutron hub which is also linked to Google Home. However, not wanting to wait for R2 integration, I bought Home Assistant Green for $99 and while it took a fair amount of not-so-simple steps to get it to talk to R2 it is now working quite well. With Lutron in HA you can either control it via the Lutron integration or through Google Home. I wanted specific actions, like setting a light to 20%, so I’m using Google through HA.

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Hi Gerry - Thank you for the clarification and the use case with HA Green.

Best - Ed