Lost remote finding features?

Does anyone know if the remote has any sort of speaker built into it? The Nvidia Shield remote has a great feature where you can go into the Shield app and make the remote chime if you can’t find it.

I’m currently using the Harmony Elite with a Tile tracker glued to the back of it. With a 2 and 6 year old, this is something I’m always using and if it wasn’t for that, we would have never found the remote the other day when it was INSIDE the couch frame (still took a while to pinpoint the beeping)! I’m still waiting for my reservation to come up to purchase the remote, but that last incident had me thinking about built-in tracking.

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The remote control should have a speaker. It was even mentioned that at some point there might be some kind of telephone function under the remote controls. So yes, in my opinion such a function would be possible to add.

When you put the remote in the dock you can hear a sound after a few seconds. Unless you have the sound effects setting turned off. Unfortunately this currently seems to be the only usage of the speaker. But since there is already a (not yet functional) resource category for sound effects I think there are plans to extend this functionality and maybe add API endpoints to trigger the remote to play back a sound.

Yes, the Remote Two is not quite as adept at slipping between the cushions of the sofa as the remote that comes with Apple TV, but close. I addressed that problem in the ATV with an after market silicone case (which could also be done for R2 by some enterprising person). Being able to play a sound effect on R2 from another device on your network is a good idea. I have so far managed to keep track of mine. But I do have a cat that likes to bat things around.