Long Press Knowledge Anyone?

Spectrum (a cable streaming service) is one of my Apple TV apps that reacts to a Harmony Elite “Long OK” press (after displaying the channel listing with a Left press); it then displays Channel Filter options (e.g. Sports, Premium, News, etc).

I am trying to replicate the above action on my R2, but every command I try using in the “Long” slot fails. My R2 displays a red banner, “Internal server error, please try later.”

Basically, I do not know which command to insert for the Long function. I’ve tried all the commands with the word “menu” in it (Top Menu, Menu, Main Menu, etc).

Any ideas? Thanks…

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Long Press Enter is called Context Menu in the Apple TV integration

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there are 2 kinds of long press :

  1. Assign 2 different functions for short & long press : by default, the long press will send the same repetitive commands. I am not aware of real long press support from remote to device (next point)
  2. Long press on device side : some integrations support a press mode (pressed/released) with the key, but here they are remapped to other functions. For ex android TV long press enter is mapped to context menu.
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Up and running. Thanks. For what its worth, a well articulated paragraph describing this feature, located in an obvious place, would go a long way toward burnishing the R2 image and reputation.