List of community Integrations in work


I’m positively surprised from the remote, got mine today.

I have a list of Integrations that I’d need and like to work on. I just don’t want to invest double work in something thats most likely allready in the making. Is there a backlog or community page where I could see the projects in flight, even if just in a draft or vision state.

I’d rather like to join forces instead of double invest :slight_smile:

Integrations that I have in mind and that I’d need for my dream remote (in no particular order):

  • MQTT reacts and events (Gateway into many Homeautomation elements as well as into custom Workflows using nodered or n8n)
  • Sonos
  • Kodi nativ (Alternative to use custom IR and IR Receiver. I like to enable native KODI access using Kodi WEB API)
  • Unifi (unique case, like to interact with guest WLAN managment and access new vouchers using the remote)
  • Wake on Lan (or some more network related actions)

There is a software roadmap which list all coming features and integrations developed by Unfolded Circle: Software roadmap
Sonos, Kodi and WoL for the remote are already on that list. According to Marton there is no official list for community integrations that are in development yet.
What I remember from the developer Discord channel is that someone is working on a mobile app and someone else is developing an integration for FHEM.

sounds great,

I’m looking into this a bit, some of my ideas might not be possible today, but … Some will be relatively easy to get going.

I know it’s not fully OSS, but I guess open integrations are welcome ?

I am working on a Control4 (very long and tedious, don’t ask me how long it will take, because it’s NOT for anytime soon), a Denon IP remote (non-heos) and a node-red integration.

The node-red integration will be the quickest and you’ll be able to integrate it with MQTT and whatnot. It will be taking the form of a palette hopefully including everything you need.

EDIT: the kodi one seems interesting, I might take a look at that as well. Could even run the extension as a kodi add-on.

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Yeah, the kodi integration should definetely be self contained and run as a web-frontend plugin within kodi.

Same as in a iobroker extension should do the same for :slight_smile:

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Hi @Weby

How far along are you with C4?
You looking at using the old API or MQTT?
Let me know if I can assist with testing etc. :+1:

Node-red/MQTT is going to be my go to for most use on the remote I feel. Still pending delivery :crossed_fingers: