It's all starting to make sense now

You folks who have used the late lamented Philips Pronto platform are miles ahead of me. But last night most of it came together. I had an epiphany last night after I successfully imported an IR code set, patted myself on the back, then tried to add my new “entity” to a page. It warned me it was an empty page. Of course, because I hadn’t assigned any of the newly imported commands to buttons. If you’re learning commands–which I hope to avoid if possible–you need to create and name commands first, which may or may not be the same as the button names you intend to use. Later, these commands are available to assign to hard or soft buttons. The drag and drop feature, which was really confusing me, only applies to soft buttons.

To the guy who said he is too stupid to follow this procedure: No, you’re not! It’s just that a basic quick start guide is desperately needed. Not just how to set up communication with your remote and dock, and web configurator. All set up, now what??? Since the process of shipping out the remote kits to all the backers is finished, or almost finished, please get to this ASAP! Thanks.

p.s. the video someone posted in response to the guy is not all that helpful, because it’s tiny, and black against black. But thanks for trying.


I’m sorry for you but drag and drop icon or text button on an hard button make no sense !
But I agree with you, hard button should be edited when we put the mouse on it. Is’s a new feature request for me.