Is the IR blast from Harmony Elite connectable at the dock?

Even with the latest update enabling all IR outputs, my projector seems too far away. In the old setup, a Harmony ELite with associated IR blaster did the job.
So I was wondering if the Logitech IR blaster could be connected to the UCR2’s dock without breaking anything…
Technically, it should fit. How much power can the connectors deliver? What is the risk of the Logitech blasters drawing more power than the driver circuitry can deliver and burning something out in the UCR2 dock? Has anyone tried this out yet?

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I would have tried but the jacks don’t even fit. The plugs from my harmony blasters are too thin compared to the sockets of the dock. Are yours different?

no, the same here. I ordered a 2.5mm jacks and 3.5mm plugs. But I’m afraid that won’t work, because the German thread mentions a 68Ohm series resistor (for the IR diodes), so the blaster probably gets too little current.

I too see that the built in ir emitters of the dockings station is not very powerful. Even my tiny ultra cheap credit card sized remote is more powerful. Is there a more powerful ir-blaster that is possible to connect to the ir output? (the included ones are less powerful then the built-in)

That’s very unlikely because the limiting factor appears to be the power output of the dock, so no matter what you connect, it will be weak. The whole IR situation is unfortunately quite the disappointment (especially if you are coming from Harmony Elite)…

One idea would be to connect a powerful IR blaster with an own amplifier to the R2 dock plugs (what is the correct English word for these connection terminals?). I don’t know if such a device exist and is available anywhere? If not then hopefully UC will develop such a device and maybe with a Wifi connection to the remote.

Maybe a device like this:

That looks promising, but don’t know about the IR strength of this extenders and you have the extenders for positioning. Is there nothing existing that is like the IR blaster of a Harmony Hub?

The Marmitek mentions blaster LEDs, but also that one of them is only intended for a compartment in a cabinet. I have something like this (allbeit with three emitters/blasters) in use. In my experience, such a solution is sufficient for compartments, but no more. Mine can’t reach my projector on the ceiling at a distance of 4-5m, only the Logitech Blaster can do that at the moment.

Has nobody reverse engineered the Logitech yet? It can’t be rocket science to blow out IR with a lot of power :wink:
Or how many volts and amps the Logitech needs? Then you could consider a small box like this as an intermediate circuit:

  • Loop USB power through for the dock and draw power from there
  • an IR receiver diode and the jack plug with control power stage for the Logitech Blaster inside.
    And then place the whole thing so that it receives IR from the dock cleanly and passes it on to the blaster.
    Just a few thoughts from someone who basically knows what components do, but is unfortunately a complete looser when it comes to circuit design