IR Signals Limited Dispersion

The IR signals from the dock are apparently sent out in a small angle from the remote. I programmed some IR commands for my TV into the remote. They don’t work at all when the dock is sitting on the table next to my couch unless I pick it up and raise it into the air about 6 inches above the table. That height brings the dock almost the same height as the bottom of my TV, which is probably where the sensor is located on the TV. I duplicate this every time…raised, works, lowered doesn’t. Seems like bad design, bad components or both.

I wonder, is there any way this can be fixed besides having to buy an updated dock in the future? I don’t think software can help this, right?

It’s unfunctional unless I set it up on a coffee can or something, which obviously looks bad and is unpractical.

The dock has two 3.5mm IR outputs. You can use the stick on IR “eyes” to place the emitters on top of the IR inputs. Or, you could try adding something like this multi-device HDTVHOOKUP Remote Control IR Blaster. This should give you a wider pattern.

I must not know what I’m doing. When I tried the R2 the next morning, it didn’t work at all for the TV…no matter what position the dock is in. It still works controlling my AV receiver. What am I doing wrong? I don’t see a setting on the TV dealing with remotes/IR/bluetooth. Why would it not work at all now? I had built an R2 remote page for the TV and the AV receiver. I manually added IR commands using each devices remote. Why would the R2 remote page for the TV quit working?