IR from remote itself

I was assuming that remote itself is also able to send IR signal but it does not seem to be the case.
Will this change anytime soon? Does the remote even have IR blaster integrated?

It’s planned for Q4. See the UC roadmap here: Software roadmap

Perfect, missed that one.

Is this functionality now available:? I oinly see the dock as an IR device option when configuring a new IR device.

Go to Web Configurator. Settings → Preview Features.


see the comment here, please.
Acoording to the datasheet, the used IR-LED in the remote SFH4045 has VF~1,5V at 70mA.
It’s supply voltage is 1,8V only, in series with the switching Mosfet (unknown type) and the 10 Ohms resistor. Even if the Mosfet has an voltage drop of 0V, the resulting current through the LED will be 30…40mA or lower. This will result in a optical power lower than 25mW in a very narrow radiant angle of 18°.
So I wouldn’t expect any miracles…

Cheers, tiki

Thank you both. I have now updated and am able to select the remote. Next, I need to tackle the upload IR codes and integration with HomeAssistant.