IR Export and import

Before I reset my remote I export my custom learned IR codes.
But now it’s impossible to import the same CSV file.
Am I missing something you should think this wil work.


Do you get an error message? Note, that all devices get exported into one single csv file if you export them via the web configurator. This may lead to problems when there are commands with the same name as POWER_ON. You could try to split the file for each device.

Yes I export it with the web configurator.
But its one device.

Can you post the file here? Does the configurator shows an error messing when using the bulk import function?

Yes I get an error message.

Your csv is malformed. Each column should start with " and end with ", columns are separated by a comma. The goes for both the column names (first row) and the values. You can see that something went wrong in the manufacturer column as it doesn’t end with a ", instead this quote seems to have been pushed to after the comma causing the rest of the file to be unparsable.

Note: I have no idea as to why this would happen.

I just exported it from the web interface.
And I wan’t to upload it again.
Very strange.

I edit the text and it works now.
It should be as below.