IR codes for Denon AVR based on Pronto codes

I was not happy with the generic IR codes supplied for my Denon AVR. So I created my own IR code file for bulk import based on Pronto codes. I will use this until the native IP integration is available.

I have a Denon too, and i use home assistant integration. It works but sometimes slow to respond.
Denon native integration will release soon normaly :+1:t2:

is there a database for exiting IR datasets or where I can upload my own to help building a big database ?


Can’t you use network control ?

I would also prefer network control. But this doesn’t seem to be supported yet. I especially need this for my LG television because the IR receiver only receives at a very narrow angle. It is not enough for the IR transmitter to transmit from the side.

Fair enough, I’m doing things through home assistant so have more options for control.

Thanks for this!
Just curious, where did you find the codes for shuffle and repeat :astonished:?
There’s also a “Playlist”-Button at the right of the HEOS Play-Screen (note symbol with three horizontal lines right to it). Maybe your magical source has this one, too :smile:?