IR Code for JVC DLA-X5500

looking for working IR code for projector JVC DLA-X5500

The ones from don’t seem to work!!

And teaching doesn’t work either???

with all my other devices i have no problem !! and with harmony also it works.

This i found out

IR Codes for my “JVC DLA-X5500 Beamer” wihe Code Remot “A” ( not “B”)

from Database
Manufactor: JCV
Device: Generic Projector 1

3D not working
COLOR_TEMP not working
CURSOR_UP working
EXIT not working on orig. Remote it is called “back” there is no way back
GAMMA not working
HIDE not working it must be toggle like the orig. Remote
INFO working but can not switch off because no back switch like on orig. Remote
INPUT_1 not working
INPUT_2 not working
INPUT_3 not working
INPUT_4 not working
INPUT_5 not working
INPUT_6 not working
INPUT_SCROLL not working
LENS not working
MENU working also Toggle is working
PICTURE not working
POWER_OFF working
POWER_ON working

pls. can anyone fix it ?? to learn from org. remote is not working

Have you looked at the codes on Global Cache (Database | Global Caché Control Tower)? They have hex codes for the DLA-X series …you will have to import them into R2, but they might work for you.